Brock Ryan

Brock Ryan is a nationally recognized high-rise life safety consultant to prominent Fortune 500 and real estate companies including the AT&T Campus in Metro Atlanta and a large soft drink bottling company based in Atlanta.

He partnered with Paul Merritt to form Fortress Consulting to address the safety needs that the real estate and business community face today.

Brock’s passion for safety preparedness grew from his role as a Lieutenant for the Atlanta Fire Department, where he inspected high-rise buildings for code compliance and disaster preparedness.

“It’s so important that our clients take the plan that has been sitting on the shelf in a binder and actually put it into practice.  The confidence gained from seeing their plan being practiced cannot be undervalued.”

After the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, Brock became passionate about making sure building management had a plan for a potential tragedy for Class A structures. He retired from the Fire Marshall’s Office and quickly became the resident expert on preparedness and training for the high-rise buildings in the southeast