Karla Baldini


Nothing prepares you for responding to a critical situation better than hands-on experience. Karla conducts client based security preparedness consultations, testing, and training programs. She has designed and taught reality-based active shooter response training and workplace violence prevention for Terminus complex, Concourse Properties, John Hancock properties, and other large high-rise buildings in metro Atlanta. 

“It’s rewarding to see the transformation of our attendees as their level of competency and confidence grows.”  

She enjoys the ongoing relationship she builds with her clients, keeping them on top of current procedures and conducting advanced training so they are always prepared and ready to respond without notice. 

It all started with her calling to become a police officer, leading to a degree in criminal justice, while working as a campus police officer at Indiana University. She continued her path as an officer with two major law enforcement agencies, and is Senior Instructor in the State of Georgia. She has conducted large scale reality-based training exercises for law enforcement active shooter response at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Phillips Arena, and Lenox Mall.  

Karla lives in Metro Atlanta and loves spending time with her family and discovering new places with her children.