Could you use $500?

All students who in enroll in the High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments Course on April 5-6 in conjunction with the 2017 Southern Region Conference will receive a $500 scholarship making their course registration cost just $579!

That is $579 for everyone (members and non-members), but please note that for some first-time students, there may be a designation enrollment fee that is paid to BOMI.

BOMI International's new High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments course delivers the strategies needed to envision, plan, and manage large-scale sustainable projects that maximize ROI.

Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how to effectively impact efficiency challenges through the use of cutting-edge approaches that have a positive effect on an organization's financial, social, and environmental bottom line.

Key topic areas: defining value within a sustainability framework • balancing and prioritizing the triple bottom line • tangible and intangible valuation drivers • performance contracting and energy service companies • benchmarking beyond energy • triple bottom line analysis • whole building design • high-performance interiors and internal systems • • high-performance exteriors and building systems • internal and external funding resources • engaging stakeholders • measurement and verification.

This course is one of the three courses required to earn the new BOMI-HP designation, and it is being taught in a special condensed format.


April 5-6

Terminus - Management Office Conference Room
2380 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30305

Registration for this class is completed on the BOMA Georgia website.