Discover the Future of Urban Mobility and the Impact on Real Estate


During the Southern Region Conference Lunch on April 7, featured Speaker Luke Marklin, general manager at Uber Atlanta, will discuss The Future of Urban Mobility and the Impact on Real Estate.

Discover how services like Uber will help cut congestion, pollution, and parking - using new technology and today's infrastructure. Furthermore, Marklin will explore specifically how changes in mobility will affect work and the bottom line for real estate owners and managers.

Luke has been a General Manager at Uber since November 2014 and currently oversees the central Georgia market, based out of the Atlanta office. He is responsible for leading the locally based team to execute all business operations in Atlanta, including supply, logistics, marketing and policy and communications. Read more....

Could you use $500?

All students who in enroll in the High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments Course on April 5-6 in conjunction with the 2017 Southern Region Conference will receive a $500 scholarship making their course registration cost just $579!

That is $579 for everyone (members and non-members), but please note that for some first-time students, there may be a designation enrollment fee that is paid to BOMI.

BOMI International's new High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments course delivers the strategies needed to envision, plan, and manage large-scale sustainable projects that maximize ROI.

Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how to effectively impact efficiency challenges through the use of cutting-edge approaches that have a positive effect on an organization's financial, social, and environmental bottom line.

Key topic areas: defining value within a sustainability framework • balancing and prioritizing the triple bottom line • tangible and intangible valuation drivers • performance contracting and energy service companies • benchmarking beyond energy • triple bottom line analysis • whole building design • high-performance interiors and internal systems • • high-performance exteriors and building systems • internal and external funding resources • engaging stakeholders • measurement and verification.

This course is one of the three courses required to earn the new BOMI-HP designation, and it is being taught in a special condensed format.


April 5-6

Terminus - Management Office Conference Room
2380 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30305

Registration for this class is completed on the BOMA Georgia website.